STEP Youth

In Autumn 2022, we launched our new project: STEP Youth. STEP Youth aims to give young people aged 8-12 a platform where they can have fun and learn valuable skills outside of the school environment. This includes creative workshops, education on social issues, connecting with the outdoors and wellbeing activities. We developed this to combat a specific gap in the community as identified in our Community Action Plan – our young people had nothing to do!

Summer Holidays

Over the Summer Holidays we will be running sessions on Mondays and Fridays. These will generally be 1pm-2pm, but will vary due to the trips we have planned.

Dates/venues for trips will be e-mailed out to members.

Tiny Tots

A group for parents and their babies, toddlers and pre-school children to enjoy playing with a range of toys - join us in the Main Hall of The Boswell Centre every Monday and Wednesday 10am - 12 noon. Entry is £1 per person.

Please note: changes to the schedule over the Summer - we are only on the following dates:

Monday 22nd July, Monday 5th August, Monday 12th August, Wednesday 14th August, Monday 19th August, Wednesday 21st August, Monday 26th August, Wednesday 28th August

A snack is provided, including fruit, biscuits and crisps for children as well  as tea and coffee for the adults.

Kids need to be around other kids their own age to grow and get used to mixing

I didn't know anyone in the village, now I've met loads of friends

I am loving adult conversation again


Making friends and finding new interests can sometimes seem a little daunting as you get older, especially if you live alone. However, there is no reason why this time of your life should be one of slowing down or hiding away. There are many opportunities available these days to widen your social network and discover new interests post coronavirus! Auchinleck’s very own beloved Jaqueline has created a group to combat loneliness and the cost-of-living within The Boswell Centre. 

Here our ladies can chat and reminisce about the good old days over a nice hot cup of tea and some delicious cakes.

Jaqueline has organised outings for the Chat Tea group such as a visit up to Dobbies and a browse around the Cumnock Factory Outlet – with more fun outings planned for the future. Our ladies who attend have said the group is very welcoming and provides an opportunity meet new friends. 

ChaTea takens place in Auchinleck Library on Tuesdays, 11am-12 noon. It is free to join and there's no need to book, just turn up at the library on the day.


Stuart Mitchell

Senior Youth Co-ordinator

Rachael Alexander

Senior Youth Worker

Jacqueline McWilliam

Tiny Tots & ChaTea Co-ordinator

Charlotte Heather

Youth Work Apprentice

Charlotte is helping with the delivery of the youth club as she works towards her Apprenticeship in Youth Work.