Supporting the people in our local area


STEP Employability brings a 'you first, job later' approach which sets it apart from other employability projects operating in the area.

This person-centred employabilty enagagment project has been designed to help you identify the barriers preventing you from getting back into the job market, training or education.

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Kelly Saunderson:

07935 588 371

Paul McKenzie:

The Coalfields and Regeneration Trust have teamed up with us to deliver the holistic CRT Engage course to the residents of the coalfields area.

We believe that the best way to help clients get ready for employment is to start with you.

Along with our partners, we will deliver

  • Emergency First Aid at Work


As well as providing sensible, up-to-date employability support, we will work with them to tackle the barriers holding them back:

  • Literacy/Numeracy
  • Computers
  • Financial/Benefits issues
  • Housing
  • Addiction




01290 428482

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Contact Steven Freel to make an appointment

Call 07594 492 658


Community Welfare Champion

Money is tight and the price of things just keeps going up. It can be hard to know who to turn to when we need a bit of advice and support.  This is where our Community Welfare Champion service comes in. Whether it is housing issues, finding out what benefits you are entitled to, challenging a decision or accessing your DWP messages, we can help. 

Our Champion will help you understand the issue, help you prepare and connect you with the right people at the right time to get the best help for you.

ACDI believes in including the people we help in finding solutions to their challenges. We explain every step of the way, helping our clients understand the system, building confidence and helping to find that light at the end of the tunnel. We work closely with other agencies and organisations to find you the very best people to get you the support you need. Even if you are not sure about benefits or any other money issue, we can help you identify the real issues, help get you prepared and support you to get back on your feet.


We support individuals in recovery in a range of ways.

Janet Smith

Phone: 07519 102 977

Leon Brownlie

Phone: 01290 428 398

Since I started as ACDI Recovery’s Peer Support Worker in March 2022, the Boswell Centre as become a well known place for people to come and seek advice on addictions and to access crucial services, either for themselves or for their families. To date we have engaged with over 80 people in the community, many of which now attend our weekly groups which are all hosted within the Boswell Centre itself. We hope that by continuing our work we are able to reduce stigma and support those in their recovery.

Janet Smith, Peer Support Worker

Lost Girls

Ladies in various stages of recovery, sharing their stories and empowering each other.

In the final hour of the group we have meditation and Acudetox, which is an excellent programme to help aid recovery, benefits include:

  • reducing drug and alcohol cravings and withdrawal symptons.
  • reduces stress, clears your mind and enhances a better sleep patterm.
  • decreases levels of anxiety and promotoes better mental and physcial stability.

Art Detox

Art Detox is our recovery and wellness centred art group. It is suitable for everyone regardless of their level of ability. We work alongside local artists to deliver easy to understand and engaging classes.

Brunch Club

Rolls, tea and coffee provided. This group allows everyone to share their experiences. We quite often have guest speakers in to give talks and also various other organisations, eg. Home Energy Scotland, NHS Oral Health, amongst other groups which might be relevant to the recovery community. We often discuss our future events here, so it's a great place to get involved and share any ideas!